Hat Care


Extend the life of your hat by proper storage, cleaning, drying, and caring for it.


Brim Care

Storage is vitally important to maintaining the shape of your brim. Hats with brims turned down should always be stored upside down. Pressure is taken off of the brim by placing the hat on its crown, thus maintaining its form.


Crown Care

Be kind to your crown! Get into the habit of picking up and taking off your hat by the brim and not by pinching the crown as it weakens and soils the crown.


Drying your hat

If your hat get wet, simply place it on its crown in a dry place and allow it some time to dry itself. Your hat will dry naturally. Never attempt to dry your hat with hair dryers or other sources of high heat that will shrink the hat. Before the hat dries, take the time to smooth out any imperfections. if you have a leather band in the hat, turn the leather banding inside out to dry naturally.


How to Clean your Hat


Keeping your hat clean is easy. Here are some tips:


Fur felt and Wool Felt hats can be cleaned with a soft bristled hat brush or soft sponge. Felt hats must be brushed in a counter-clockwise direction with the crown facing you. When dealing with mud, allow the mud to dry. Once it is dry it will be much easier to brush off. Grease spots can be brushed out with a little cornstarch. You may also use a good dry cleaner.


Oilskins hats only need a clean wet cloth. Do not use soap because the soap might affect the finish of the hat. You'll find that mud and dirt are easily wiped away with a damp cloth.


Straw hats can be brushed. S small whiskbroom can be used for those deeply textured straws. Other straws can be cleaned using a soft brush, sponge, or cloth. A moist dry cloth is very effective.


Canvas hats can be hand washed. Warm water and mild detergent is all you need. Let them air dry. Do not dry them in direct sunlight or via other forced methods.


All Hats: Remove dust and lint from your hat periodically to avoid deterioration and soiling.



Be sure to check the label inside your hat for specific care and cleaning instructions. The cleaning suggestions above are for reference should your hat not provide these details; Sequoia Springs, Inc. is not responsible for damage resulting from cleaning.